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Speedo Sex

Speedo Sex

Mens swimwear 

Can wearing Speedos lead to Speedo sex? Absolutely and I will explain how and why along with giving you some inside tips for getting all the Speedo sex your heart desires.


Wearing Speedo will always attract attention. Gay, straight or bi you will get noticed more and you will have many more opportunities for sex if you get into wearing Speedos. In fact there are groups of men that get together just for Speedo sex. Let me first explain why wearing Speedos will get you more sex and how to go about it.

Do you wear Speedos to the beach, on vacation, to the lake or over to friends pool parties? If you live in the USA the answer is most likely no.

If you live in Europe the answer is most likely yes and you know all about wearing Speedos and why it turns men and women on.

Men in the USA have been wearing big baggy shorts for years funny looking surf shorts as swimwear that are almost as large as a dress and they do very little to attract attention to your body and no one can tell if you are aroused if you are wearing big baggy shorts.

Simple human psychology comes into play here. Before we go there let’s get you into a Speedo. If you do not own one and have never used one you are in for a shock. Compared to wearing shorts you feel almost nude in a Speedo, they hug every curve of your body, compared to shorts they are very skimpy. Bikinis, thongs and G-strings are all much smaller and much sexier but Speedos are a great starting point. I will tell you that once you get into wearing Speedos and into Speedo sex you will progress to these other styles it is a natural progression and it is all about getting more sex and looking better. Spandex Lycra is a very sexual material it clings to the body and used the right way can show every detail of your body and your cock which can be used to attract sex. Getting ready, first things first. How to pick out your first Speedo and where to purchase it. Speedo swimsuits come in many styles and colors. You will want to pick out the smallest cut, that is the smallest width on the sides which I believe at this is right around 1”. You want the narrowest sides because A: they are sexier, B: they show more skin, C: they have a better defined pouch and D: they show more ass. These are all things both men and women are attracted too and the smaller the suit the more attention will be getting. Color is important too.

Some of your color choice will depend on your sexual orientation. Do you want to attract men? If so then a pink Speedo screams you are gay and you want to have Speedo sex. It is like a billboard. White Speedos are my favorite they attract both men and women straight boys when you attract men just understand that it is a compliment when any of the sexes find you attractive. The reason why I enjoy wearing white Speedos is something we will go into soon but I can say it is similar to fishing you go with the bait that attracts the most fish or in this case the most men, women or both depending upon what you are into. Red is a great color to attract women and black is like white it attracts both. I would stick to these basic colors do not go for prints of any type solids are the best. You can find these at sporting good stores and swim shops but I believe you are much better off getting them online since you want to have the maximum selection which most stores do not have. You want it to fit correctly so make sure you order the correct waist size. The pouch sizes are all the same on these suits so there is no need to worry about that. One note it does not matter whether you are large or very tiny, penis size makes little difference to you getting Speedo sex but we will talk about using what you have to your advantage. Find and order your suit and when you get it slip it on. There should be a few things you notice right away and some things that need to be taken care of. You will need to follow things that the ladies have been doing for years and that you take for granted. You have slipped the Speedo on and it feel s great in fact you have never felt anything quite like it and you might even start to get aroused and have an erection. This is completely normal and often even in public when you first start wearing Speedos you might be hard, again not a problem because you can use it to your advantage. Look in the mirror we want you to look like a swimmer, your entire bikini area should be hair free. I prefer to have my entire body hair free but sometimes I sport leg hair because it looks good in the right suit. The bikini area in fact the entire pubic area should be waxed, shaved or laser removed. Laser is permanent but most likely you will want this option down the line when shaving and waxing becomes tiresome. I had my bikini and butt laser hair removed years ago and people marvel at how hair free I am.

You do not want butt hair either so shave or wax it to start and check the mirror to make sure it is completely removed. You would not want to see a girl with hair popping out of her bikini area or butt, girls get hair in those places to but they have been trained to remove it and it looks hot. You will need to do the same thing to have the same effect. Shaving your pubic area for the first time is almost as good as sex and lasts so much longer. Shave the penis and a magical thing happens it looks much larger with out all that hair surrounding it and women love a shaved man. Make sure to use a product like Tendskin after you shave so you don’t get a bunch of red shave bumps around the bikini area. Before you go out in public you might also notice that large portions of your body are not tan and will need to be in order to match the suit. You can use your backyard if you have one or the fastest way which is a tanning bed or booth.

As you can see from this photo that men do indeed look hot when completely shaved.
This is tiny pouch style suit that is popular for tanning in Europe.

Now you should be ready to go on the hunt for Speedo sex. Let me give you your first big tip and tell you why I wear white Speedo bikinis. I found this neat trick when I first received my white Speedo after getting out of the pool I noticed it was almost sheer when wet and it looked super hot. I decided right then and there to remove the interior liner in fact that night I did it on all my Speedos (now that I wear bikinis and thongs along with G-strings none of the sexy ones have liners in them) My first trip out to the public pool I swim laps at was an eye opener. I did my laps in my new customized white Speedo and when I got out of the pool it looked like I was completely nude. The white Speedo was virtually sheer when wet once the liner was removed. There was nothing to do my penis, shaft, balls the fact that I was completely hairless was on total display. Nothing at all left to the imagination. Everything was in plain view. I am not very big but upon seeing my cock through the suit I became very hard and everyone could see it. I went to the lounge and laid out on my tummy until my erection went down. I noticed immediately that a handsome young guy took the lounge right next to mine and started chatting me up. I knew from that moment we were going to have sex and got hard again. I was still wet so he could clearly see it and smiled. The way he looked at my cock I though he was ready to grab and suck on it right there. No doubt spandex sex was on its way.



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