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Speedo Men

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There are men who wear shorts and men who wear bikinis.

There are men who are into thongs and ones who like wearing G-strings.

There are high fashion square cut boy short style suits and even pouch only swim wear designs.

There is only one Speedo. Speedo men are into competitive swimming and the world wide #1 brand of suits for Speedo men are Speedos. Speedos range from thong style suits all the way to full body competition swim wear. Speedo men come in all shapes and sizes. There are men who wear Speedos just for racing and then there are Speedo men who are more into the fetish aspects, sexual aspects and erotic aspects of wearing Speedos.  These are the Speedo men we will talk about here. Men who enjoy wearing Speedos as part of a particular lifestyle. These men are gay, bi and straight, some may not be sure but what Speedo men are sure of is that they love the way Speedos feel on their bodies, they enjoy the total experience of wearing Speedos and of course they like the way they look. There are many groups, websites, forums, clubs and blog dedicated to Speedo men and their special lifestyle.

Most competitive swimmers men and women shave their entire bodies including the pubic area because it makes them more aerodynamic and the Speedo suits fit better. Speedo men just enjoy shaving their bodies for the way it looks and feels. Many have their boyfriends, girlfriends, partners and wives do it and that almost always turns into more than just shaving. Speedo men as a group are very sexual and most Speedo men are turned on by seeing other men and women wearing Speedos.


For many of us Speedos are the start of an adventure the includes many forms of spandex Lycra wear including male display suits, male to female transformation wear, male enhancement designs, fem wear, full body suits and so much more. Spandex is considered by many men and women to be the most sensuous fabric  and many feel like spandex is almost a second skin. Speedo men do not always go on to these other spandex products though most do. What differentiates the true Speedo men are that they always stay into wearing Speedo suits. Why is this?  First things first is to try to explain to non Speedo men and women what the turn on is all about. Speedos are different then bikinis in many ways. Speedos have a very small bulge they are made to almost hide the male equipment and in that respect many men find Speedos to be on the feminine side but the truth is they minimize bulge to be more efficient in the water. Speedos hold the man’s equipment flat.   Speedos are in many ways the original man’s bikini.

They range from about 1” wide at the waist to 4” then there are the Speedo style shorts and partial and full body racing suits. Some of these designs go into the hundreds of dollars. Like I mentioned earlier in this article Speedo at one time made a thong for men and of course most Speedo men added this style to their collection but it was discontinued and was not a very good seller. It was nowhere near as stylish or sexy as most of the thong’s that were already on the market. That said it was an interesting attempt by Speedo to offer such a product. I remember when they first came out and Speedo had stores in the malls. I went to a store in Los Angeles and asked one of the girls working there if they carried them.  She took me over to the rack and helped me pick out the right size. Walking into a store like this is a dream for speedo men. She told me I should try on the suit to make sure it fits which I did. Once I got it on like any other Speedo man I was hard as can be. She asked how it fit and I told her I think it fits OK. She asked me to come out of the dressing room and let her see.  There were a number of other girls in the store along with a couple of other sales girls but when you are part of the brotherhood of Speedo men you need to be willing to show your stuff. I came out of the dressing room wearing a tiny red Speedo thong and the girls were all smiles, she said it fit great and showed me how I looked in the mirror. My hard cock was completely showing through the fabric and everyone in the store could see it. I was starting to get a little wet too.  The suit fit perfectly and to this day I wish Speedo still made them. I think of all the Speedo men who never had a chance to wear one. Avery nice looking thong it was so flat I think many girls would be able to fill its tight bulge area. You could tell I was a sexual object in that store, I don’t think many men were coming in and trying on Speedo thongs so it must be something they told many a friend about. Wish I was a lot bigger down there but at least my bulge completely filled that suit. Other  Speedo men would have been proud to see me standing out there nearly nude in front of all the girls in the store. I did end u by that suit and I was so excited when I brought it to my salesgirl I did not notice the big pre-cum wet spot but she did. She just smiled and said it looks like you really liked this suit.

I think I turned a little red but smiled right back at her. Another interesting thing many Speedo men do is cut out the liner of their suits. It is amazing how much better a Speedo fits when the liner is cut out. It fits better , it looks better and when it gets wet it puts on a much better show. Nothing like a white speedo with the liner cut out to show some skin.  White is a favorite color among Speedo men just for that effect. With the liner cut out when you get out of the water the suits is almost invisible you can see everything and you can even see the skin color of the wearer. It is a very sexy effect and one that is again very popular.  You see many more Speedo men on the East Coast at the beaches. It seems as though West Coast men have by passed Speedos and gone from shorts to bikinis, thongs and G-strings which is something I and many Speedo men end up doing. As great as Speedos feel the smaller better fitting suits that form to the body show way more skin and create all sorts of different bulge designs.

Men who are into Speedos are almost always into seeing bulges, showing their bulges and sharing photos which is way there are so many Speedo men sites and groups on the web. Unlike European men who wear Speedos, bikinis, thongs and other micro suits to the virtually exclusion of shorts, baggy trunks and surf shorts so anytime you are at the beach, pool side at your hotel or most of the vacation spot lakes in Europe you will always be around tons of Speedo men but in the USA these online sites are getting guys together who are into the same thing, into the love of Speedos! If you have never put on a pair of spandex trunks and think you might be to shy at first to try going right into a bikini or thong than I would highly recommend getting yourself a pair of Speedos. Too shy to try it on in a store? Go to the Speedo USA web site, a favorite of Speedo men in the states, check out the sizing chart and order online.

Once you feel the fit and see how hot you look make sure to wear it in public, maybe you can start a new trend with your friends and make some new ones along the way. That is after all what Speedo men are all about!

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