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Mens swimwear

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If you are into reading any Speedo blog you should also add www.mensswimwearblog to your list of daily reads.


I find there is a Speedo blog for almost any taste.

Speedo blog that features photos of young guys wearing suits

There is a Speedo blog that features older men wearing suits.

There is a Speedo blog that has men wearing swimwear and then engaging in sex with other men.

I noticed a Speedo blog out of the UK which features younger guys in Speedo suits then they are forced to swim nude with classes of girls who are wearing Speedo suits too. Of course none of the girls go nude but all the boy are eventually nude. Not sure if this really takes place there but I have heard from some readers of our swimwear style Speedo blog that it was at one time common for high school boys to swim nude in mixed classes. The guys were forced to do it period. I wish that was the case when I was in school.

I was one of those guys in gym class with a very small penis. Sometimes guys would make fun of me and I know there were girls who knew too. But it would have been the ultimate humiliation to be forced to swim nude in front of all your class mates. How erotic is that.

I think many of us who read a Speedo blog and who wear Speedos, bikinis, thongs, g-strings and less have a fantasy about showing ourselves in public.  As a grown man I my penis is very small appx. 1” soft yet I enjoy wearing tiny micro thongs to the beach. Many men and women tell me how hot it looks and I do in fact work hard to keep my body in shape. I like people seeing me in my micro suits, I exclusively wear Koalaswim. It shows what I have down there but in a high fashion way. I am Bi sexual and one I meet a people at the beach and we become friends, the type that have sex there is no surprise. I know from the outset they are into guys with small cocks. You might be amazed to find how many girls prefer a smaller man. Hard I am only about 3.5 to 4” and I can’t tell you how many girls say it is perfect. Men that I get together with always are sure that I am a bottom which is fine with me at first but then I always end up having my fun on top too. Girls seem to be attracted to men wearing skimpy suits. I have found that many of these women at first assume I am gay and reading other Speedo blog posts I see that is a common occurrence. This is a huge advantage that guys who wear shorts will never know. Girls are so easy to talk to and get to know when you are wearing a bikini, thong or g-string as small or smaller then what they are wearing. Many girls I meet and hook up with are they type that have or want to use a strap on. I think I have had a least 10 girls use a strap on me for their first times, I have even posted photos of this at some of the adult site. Guess it is the natural exhibitionist in all us guys who read any Speedo blog or swimwear blogs. Wearing Speedos for me was a first step into a full spandex lifestyle. I enjoy wearing all types of spandex Lycra swimwear and no more than ever I am into the Koala fetish designs and sex suits. Some of the Speedo blog writers have seemed to follow the same path. When I first started wearing Speedo suits I remember cutting out the liners to make them fit better. Some of the designs were completely sheer when the liner was removed and you would get wet. I loved getting out of the pool and having the girls stare at my penis in gym class. You could see it all and the teachers who saw the same thing everyone else saw never said a word. Speedo blog readers as a group know how much better a Speedo suit fits once you cut out the liner. They go from a bit restrictive to total body molding. I honestly have know idea why Speedo keeps the liners in their new suits, the suits fit better, look better and attract more positive attention once the liner is removed.  There are a ton of sites to see men wearing Speedo photos, I prefer a Speedo blog to supply information. One Speedo blog offers information on different pool parties around the country, there is an international Speedo blog with thousand of members who post, it is very interesting to read personal takes on a Speedo Blog from other parts of the world. In the USA and in particular on the west coast you see men in shorts and men in bikinis, thongs and smaller suits more often than men in Speedos but in Europe and Asia wearing Speedos on the beach is common place. A good Speedo blog should offer information on many subjects including the fetish aspects of spandex Lycra, the feminine aspect of wearing Speedos, the masculine aspects, parties, Speedo and bikini groups, wearing Speedos and smaller suits in  public, why Speedos turn us on, having sex in Speedos and other varied topics. Gay, straight or bi men of all gender identifications can and should openly enjoy wearing spandex Lycra suits. I believe that following your favorite Speedo Blog will eventually lead you to wearing smaller and smaller suits, in that regard it is similar to anything you get hooked on you want more and in the case of sexy swimwear you want smaller, better fitting more interesting designs. When you are ready to graduate from a Speedo Blog your next step would be the


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