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Spandex Party

Spandex Party

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Is there anything more fun than a spandex party?

If you are into spandex for fun and or fetish than and spandex party is the ultimate good time.

No single spandex party is the same, a beginner spandex party make be very causal and just lots of guys and guys, girls and girls and guys and girls

getting together to have fun.

Going to the extreme a spandex party can and often does turn into a wild swingers affair, gay sex romp or all out orgy. As far as finding the right spandex party I have some suggestions along with ideas for starting your own spandex party and your own spandex group.

Spandex has been growing popularity with many men and women into wearing it. Spandex designs range from full body covers all the way down to micro lip exposing ultra micro g-strings for girls and exact penis shaped male second skin spandex designs. With so many wildly different styles for men and women it is easy to see that one spandex party can be very different from the next.

I have been to hundreds over the years and I can honestly say I have never been to one that was not a good time and many a spandex party was an amazing time!


How do you get ready for your first spandex party and what do you wear.

First question would be is it a summer spandex party or any other time of the year. With a summer spandex party you can add water to the mix and than the fun gets ramped up big time.

A nice summer spandex party is my favorite but lucky for us Lycra lovers there are great events year around.

What is so great about a summer spandex party?

Spandex Lycra swimwear is. I love spandex swimwear and have a collection of over 100 designs virtually all of them are by Michael David from Koala.

My girlfriend has a huge collection too including everything from hot one piece suits to ultra micros that are so small they have a tiny triangle of fabric above the vagina where hair would commonly be (hers is completely shaved which is what so many women and men do now-a-days)

Her entire lips are exposed with just a tiny string between them and nothing else. We both wear micros she normally is topless to the spandex pool parties we attend. We are both into the swinger lifestyle and needless to say when you come dressed to a spandex party with a bunch of there swinger spandex fetish types there is always going to be sex. The girls love her suits and it takes minutes after we get there that some pretty thing is already going down on her, se is beautiful yes but those exposed lips drive the ladies crazy. Now comes my turn. If I am wearing a penis shaped pouch my girl will almost always give me oral while I have it on and the other girls join in right away. I once had a girls husband get so turned on he gave me oral while his wife watched. That was a first for me but a warm mouth is nothing to turn down and it turned out that he did it like he was eating out a girl which was different to say the least. I’m shaved and on the small side so in some ways I am close to a girl! Going to your first spandex party you might decide to wear something with a little more coverage like a micro bikini, this is something you can wear on any public beach, micro thong or g-string. One of the things that is so much fun about summer parties is getting to dress up in your favorite spandex and show off as much skin as you want. The spandex scene is changing take for instance the pool parties in Las Vegas which are de-facto spandex parties. Girls where micro suits with most of the parties allowing for topless and the guys are starting to catch on so you see lots of spandex Speedo suit and even more designer bikinis. Some of the more daring guys are wearing thongs and g-strings. I have been to a number of these parties and have never had on anything larger than a tiny micro g-string. If you have not found a local area spandex party and you are planning a trip to Las Vegas than you should try to hit one or more of the many pool parties for adults. They are a blast and there is always action to be found. My girlfriend and I always meet lots of new friends at these parties and the eye candy men and women around the pool are second to none super hot stuff.

Finding local parties. One of the easiest ways is to Google it online. Just enter your city and Spandex party, spandex groups, spandex clubs and so on. You will find many more in the big cities, gay groups, gay bi groups, straight and combo groups. Keep an open mind and have fun. Smaller cities and towns you might need to start your own. Running ads on

You would be surprised how easy it is to get a spandex party going. There are so many people into wearing spandex as a fetish. The people you meet at these events are from all walks of life but tend to skew to men and women with more education. You will meet doctors, lawyers, nurses, judges and the guy next door. When visit cities like New York , Los Angeles and Chicago there are monthly parties at big clubs and you can wear any type of spandex you want. There are guys in full body suits and men wearing sex style spandex being held in place with butt plugs. Women showing off their spandex camel toes and ones covered from head to toe. It is all a feast for the senses.



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