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Men Who Wear Lingerie Might Just Be on to Something

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Surprisingly, there are many men who wear lingerie in the world today and enjoy it. Probably the biggest shocker is that they aren’t all gay, either. A large number of these men are straight and simply love the feel of a woman’s silky panties, chemise, bra, slips, gowns and anything else of that fashion. When you ask the men who admit to this practice, they’ll tell you that it just feels so very nice against their bare skin.

Don’t get men who wear lingerie confused with full blown crossdressers, though. While a crossdresser can, and does, include lingerie in their repertoire of clothes, there are many men that just like wearing women’s lingerie only. They don’t even have an interest in dressing up in pretty skirts, blouses and dresses. All these guys want is the feeling of that silky lingerie against their skin. Whether it makes them feel “pretty” or not is anyone’s guess.

Lots of women love men who wear lingerie. Some couples even go shopping together for lingerie. Each partner picks out lingerie for the other, which makes it even sexier and a bit kinkier. Shops such as Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood have begun carrying lines of lingerie that will fit men. So, it’s become easier for both men and women to shop for their lingerie as a couple.

You don’t always have to go to specialty shops to find lingerie that will fit men. Department stores carry all sorts of sizes in lingerie, which means that men of all body types and weights can easily find lingerie to fit them. There’s no need to announce WHO they’re buying it for. In some communities, there are even shops that cater to men who wear lingerie. These shops are typically independently owned and will make private after hours appointments with men that want to be discreet.

Shopping online is also an option when it comes to privacy for men who wear lingerie. There’s nothing more anonymous than purchasing what you need online and having it delivered right to your doorstep. If you prefer lingerie designed a bit more for men, you should check out That’s the perfect online website to find any kinky men’s wear you could want. Even if you’re fully devoted to wearing lingerie, you’ll find such clothing items as the Work That Cock Bikini and the Delicious Ass Bikini. These are designed for men but look hot and feel oh so sexy.

Women who are with men who wear lingerie, many times, get on board with the entire lifestyle. They will go shopping for their men and buy them sexy panties and hot nighties. Then they go home and dress up their men. There are many men that wear their panties, chemises and corsets under their business suits when they go to work every day. When they come home at night, they don a gorgeous little robe or dressing gown to wear while they watch television or read the newspaper. You see, for these men, wearing lingerie is a part of their lives. It’s like you getting up every day and having that first cup of coffee and dressing for work. The only difference is that men who wear lingerie get up in the morning and put on their silky bikini panties under their work clothes.

Wearing lingerie is a quickly developed habit for most men. All it takes is finding that first pair of magnificent silk panties and putting them on. Once these men feel that smooth, silky, slippery sensation against their bare asses, it’s all over. They’re hooked. There’s no way they can go back to simple “tightie whities” or boxers, unless, of course, those boxers happen to be made of silk. Now, they only want to keep that sexy sensation going all the time.

When women start dressing up their men in lingerie, things can get pretty kinky. These women can even decide to wear men’s underwear while their men are wearing lingerie, effectively switching roles. This can be pretty exciting especially when these same women decide to try out some strap ons with their men who wear lingerie. Nothing is quite as stimulating as roleplaying something other than what you really are.

If you’re a man that tends to like the sensation of smooth, silky, and sensuous against his bare ass, wearing lingerie may be just what you’re looking for. If you don’t feel confident enough to go shopping out in public, stay at home and shop from the numerous online websites. It’s never been easier to find anything you want right online and in the privacy of your very own home. If this is a secret that you want to continue keeping, online shopping is the best way to go.

When you’re ready to reveal your sexy secret to the woman in your life, you can start it out as playful behavior. You can easily work it into a full blown confession that will, under the right circumstances, be a bit of a kick for both of you. If you’re involved with a man, chances are your man is already experimenting with his own brand of wearing sexy lingerie. Won’t it be so much fun for the two of you to go shopping together? You could even use a lingerie shopping expedition as foreplay, which will cause some amazing fireworks once you’ve returned back home.

It’s rather easy to see that men who wear lingerie are not as uncommon as you may think. While it can still be somewhat naughty or taboo, it’s catching on more and more with men of all lifestyles and sexual orientations. This is an exciting kink rather than an aberration as it would have been thought of a century ago, and many men are jumping on board this train every day. When you think about it, why is it such a big deal if men wear lingerie? It’s only fabric and it’s only a clothing style. If men who wear lingerie get off on it, that should be the most important consideration.

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