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Men in Bikinis

These are a couple of men in bikinis stories from a reader. They are silly but we post reader stories now and than so feel free to send us yours!

Mens swimwear

Men in bikini


Men in bikini? This thing seems a joke but there is a very interesting fact behind the phrase "men in bikini". The main idea behind the men in bikini is the trend of fitness of the body for the men. This thing has become an international joke as the large number of men wears such bikinis as a challenge to hang it up on their body in order to leave an attractive impression. Now because of these men in bikinis this is considered as a special accessory for swimming or more specifically men in bikini are seen on the beaches as they have accept a challenge to show the fitness of their bodies in such a exposing way and this thing shows their confidence for their attractive body that is build up to a great extent as they are not hesitating for  wearing such bikini.


These bikinis are available in different styles and designs in order to enhance the fitness of the body of the men in an exposing way so that the other people get attracted to see their built body. There is a great diversification in designs and styles for the men bikinis. The bikinis are having attractive cuts normally with the waist of 1 inch wide. This cut is considered as the standard cuts for the men's bikinis while if men are looking for more exposing ones then there is brazil men bikinis that intended to cover almost 1/2  part from the back. Hence the brazil men bikini are considered one of the most attractive swim wear because of their cuts and exposing styles which are enhancing the men body's parts greatly and boosting up the impressive repudiations for the body of men. There is a combination of bikini and a thong which is represented in hybrid bikini of koala swimwear's and this thong kind of bikini gives a very sexy and attractive look for the perfect bodies of men. These bikinis are available in different sizes and a range of different pouches contained in these bikinis in order to make the body part more enhancing in such a way that it looks dominant. These hybrid and pouches styled bikinis are the micro bikinis for men and available in different colors and cuts according to the shape of the bodies of men so that they can fit and these men in bikinis look more eyes catching for the viewers.


Besides the bikinis, a wide range of thongs are also available in different styles and designs. These bikinis or thongs are the moderate way of expanding and maximizing masculinity to a great extent so that these men in bikinis make themselves more appealing to others. Further more these bikinis are the prudence for the men bodies as they are showing the confidence of a particular person for his body and this thing can only done when these men are having the perfect built body so that the viewers can imagine the fitness of body by looking the self confidence and dare of these men.



The most erotic experience of a gay’s lifetime!


Are you looking for an amazing sexual experience with your male sex partner? Do you think that your sex life has become monotonous? Have you recently felt that you need something extraordinary to spark the love between you?


If you want to have the ultimate sexual and erotic experience, you should look for trying bikinis for men e.g. bikini for men offered by Koala. These add an exciting new feel to your partner and will make you feel more seduced and erotic. Not just those, men in bikinis look extremely sexy and attractive. These bikinis are so designed that they make the male features more beautiful.


Did you think tight fitting swim suits and wardrobe was only for women?

My experience with male sex partners tell me otherwise. Being a homosexual does not mean that you have to be boring. After all, opposites do attract. So, if you are the non-dominant of the two lovers, then make sure you seduce your lover with style. Men in bikinis look very attractive and more masculine. It is a wrong conception that men wearing tight fitted clothes appear gay-ish (which by no means is a taboo) and loses their masculine appeal.

The dominant partners among the male homosexuals usually like their lovers to look more attractive so as to make their love experience more erotic and exciting.


There are many bikinis like products for men that want to enhance their muscular appearance and appear more charming and appealing to their partners and people in general. One option to become one of the men in bikinis is to purchase one of the exciting products of menswear offered by Koala such as koala bikini for men, koala swimwear, Brazilian style bikini etc. There are especially designed bikinis for men with front pouches and complete back coverage, known as the standard bikinis. Other then that, the Brazilian style bikinis are aimed to provide maximum X factor with shorter and tighter front pouches and minimum rear coverage ranging from 3/4th to 2/4th coverage.

For men in bikinis to appear most attractive, they must wax or shave excessive hair growth as it makes one appear unappealing.


So, be a part of the men in bikinis and make your dream love life a reality. This is an amazing opportunity for those men who are tired of their male partners being the same as them. Having sex is one of the most ecstatic experiences that you can ever have. We all are well aware that getting an arousal every time and reaching the same level of sexual satisfaction gets tougher with the passage of time. One must try newer styles and methods to attain the maximum satisfaction possible. Planning a surprise for your frustrated male lover by offering him a new look of yourself in bikini is one of the proven ways to excite him into making love.

I am sure that you will love the new erotic and seductive look and your partner will love it too. There is no doubt that this will be one your most exotic sexual experience ever

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